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Vanessa Russell the proud CEO and Owner of GLOBAL LUXURY TRAVEL. I am a person who believes that travel is the looking glass to the world. Growing up abroad in Germany from the ages of 4 to 20 gave me the love for travel. My father now retired US Army, had been stationed overseas for most of his career.  I was afforded the opportunity to explore many countries in Europe along with my family, and what better memories to share than with family.  This is where my travel began. From visits to the famous Frankenstein Castle to cruising the Danube River or as the Germany’s pronounce it Donau. Extending my travels to Paris, France visiting the most famous painting of all times the Mona Lisa at The Louvre and the beautiful Rome, Italy where I was mesmerized and captivated by the great Michael Angelo Sistine Chapel, but not to be overlooked was the wondrous Colosseum.

Able to immerse myself into the culture really gave me a great appreciation for while traveling for different architecture as well as different cuisine. Sharing these experiences with many who found them intriguing lead me to the travel industry. I enjoy helping people and take pride in providing great customer service which results in lifetime of great memories. Taking the time to pay close attention to detail while working in the travel industry lead to a great high volume of success.

I continue to expand my travels as far as the UAE to include Dubai and Abu Dhabi. With my travels taking me to the Far East seeing the ancient temples of China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Bali. Making sure not to leave out the land down under seeing the amazing outback of Australia and New Zealand. My recent travels have taken me to one of the most visited cruise ports Lisbon, Portugal where you the famous coffee shop Café` A Brasileira. I could not resist the visit to South Africa, and gorilla trekking in Uganda.

As luxury nomad, I have also taken on explorations with visits to all of the Caribbean.

I look forward to providing my clients with memories like my own, experiences they can share with family. Global Luxury Travel knows that travel memories will last a lifetime……STAY TRAVELED!